„One's age is determined
by the flexibility of the spine“

Yogi Bhajan

Kundalini 50plus is a variation of Kundalini-Yoga that is suitable for almost every elderly person, even if they are physically a little limited.

One example - the "Sun Salutation on a chair" can be found by clicking here.

Yogalehrer Willem Wittstamm

Yoga instructor
Willem Wittstamm

Kundalini 50plus -
The best is yet to come

In the course of our lifetime, the goals we pursue often change. To be successful in terms of age-based interests and demands we have to adjust our strategies again and again. Finding new goals also implicates also letting go of routines which once were appropriate but are no longer suited.

Once we reach the second half of our life we have to face lots of new challenges. More and more we experience physical exertion and the limit of our body's capacities. Withdrawal from the working world, less income, decreasing family commitments, deaths around us  many changes happen.

We didn't experience such drastic challenges since we evolved from a child into an adult.

Some of the recurring questions which keep calling for new answers during our lives:
· What is my rhythm?
· What are my needs?
· What do I want to accomplish? · What am I able to accomplish? · Which patterns and strategies may I let go?

To age successfully means to get to the bottom of all this  bigger, higher, further that was once so important in our life. To discern old age as defeat is a trap. To loosen the life concepts we have outgrown gives us the power to realize that growing old is, in fact, growing!

The celebrated age-scientist Robert Havighurst defined the essence of successful aging as  an inner state of bliss and satisfaction .. The only way to accomplish the state described by Havighurst is to greet the process of aging as a chance to reach for a new plane of perceiving and handling.

Assumed objective criteria of aging successfully are:
· Preservation of competence and skills
· Preservation of body-mind functions
· Longevity

On the other hand, in its core, successful aging cannot be considered or evaluated from the outside. It is defined primarily by reflection, by the subjective view on one´s self.

· Vitality
· Intellectual capacity
· Ability to communicate
· Standing, functional social networks
· Finding sense in one´s being

Quality of life and joie de vivre are aspects which want to be learned and lived out. Kundalini Yoga provides a vast pool of Asanas, Meditations, Mantras, Mudras and breathing techniques which give us fantastic tools to accept and modify our aging process. It is the aim of this Kundalini 50plus to raise awareness for the great gifts Kundalini Yoga offers to elderly people, and to show possibilities and offer tools that enable us to age with grace.
Wahe Guru!